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Global Docs - Web Based Electronic Document Management System
GlobalDocs is powerful Web-based electronic document and Workflow management System. Using Globaldocs System Organizations can manage all of its digital documents by creating a central and secure document database. It enables you to capture,process,publish,store,share and archive your huge volume of office documents easily. It help Organizations to automate document handling process. It's a easy Maintenance Solution
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GlobalDocs takes care of your electronic file capture needs.Scanned images and uploaded documents will be automatically named and filed as when they are captured. Optical character recognition(OCR) technology extract information from scanned documents and store it in database. All files are imported are unchanged,in their original.
  • Paper Documents

    Business Documents,letters,contracts,drawings,notesand other printed documents are imported into Globaldocs system using Capture Docs functionality. Also can extracts data from documents using OCR during the capture process and store this document data in database.

  • Ms Office

    GlobalDocs offers to import Ms Office documents such as word, excel, power point and text files. Have Special Add-in Microsoft Office application which transfers documents directly from word, excel and power point into specified catalog and document type file and folder structure. The ever rising tide of e-mail can also be easily stored. GlobalDocs can import e-mails from Microsoft outlook.
Document Stored in globaldocs can always be check out for editing in their original format using operating system resources. when documents are checked out, the file is locked for editing by other and a new version is created when the document is checked back (check in) to the system. The previous versions are retained for history and tracking purpose.
Retention Policies can be defined for each collection of documents in the system. User with permission can set custom policies at the document level. Expired documents will be deleted / archived from the system.
Any kind of operation performed against a document is stored and a new version will be created for it. Hence It will help the Organization to trace back the history of the document from creation to till now.
GlobalDocs has security mechanisms for internal control and meeting audit requirements, protecting documents from importation through long term archiving on read-only storage system. Retention and deletion periods are monitored automatically.
GlobalDocs has adopted detailed authorization concept consisting of groups, roles. This access rights ensures that employees, auditors and customers will only see the documents which they are allowed.
Globaldocs allows you to find document information quickly as you are looking for. search terms can be entered in full or in part. Database fields and full text searches can be combined. File and folder structure can also be displayed in hierarchical tree structure using browse documents option.
Workflow Management contains a powerful workflow engine that enables business user to easily model document approval procedures,automate routing,monitor results and satisfy document management needs.The workflow automation engine provides a 100% web-based interface that enables user to grapically model and build their document routing processes without requiring either programming or development resources.

WorkFlow Automation Features
  • 100% web-based graphical workflow builder
  • Rules-based business logic controls workflow routing
  • Due date management and escalation
  • Dynamic document routing
  • Advanced workflow processing

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